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Speaker Spotlight: Hans Dockter


Founder of Gradleware and creator of pioneering technology Gradle, Hans Dockter is a software developer with 13 years of experience – he’ll be giving a practical workshop on Gradle, so you can get to grips with the emerging industry standard build system and find out why it’s become so popular!

As the brain behind Gradle, he’ll be able to show you all the ins and outs, as well as leaving time for a Q&A session for you to find out how he became such a great success – and how you could do it too.

Google has already positioned Gradle as their build system of choice, alongside many other big companies who are regular customers of Gradleware – including Linked In and Siemens!

The CEO of such an outstanding company with huge clients is the ideal person to come to if you want to find out how to emulate their accomplishments and hear about their vision for the future – read more about Hans’ talk here, or check out our lineup for the rest of our inspiring speakers!