Corinne Worsley

Life Transformation Coach and Creator of the Feminine Truth Revolution. Having spent ten years working as an IT and Finance consultant, Corinne found that in spite of having achieved more than she ever believed she would, something was still missing. Her life looked full on the outside but felt empty on the inside. The thing that was missing was her! After too many years following other people's rules and believing achievement would bring her happiness she'd forgotten who she truly was. The result was stress, unhappiness, adrenal fatigue and a deep sense of being unfulfilled. She knew there had to be more to life. There was. She found her purpose, rediscovered the woman she truly was, reignited her energy and now helps other unhappy and exhausted professional women find fulfilment.

Corinne also runs workshops for corporations such as Accenture and Johnson & Johnson and speaks at events such as the upcoming Women in Finance Europe conference. She also runs a group for women called the Feminine Truth Revolution, which provides a place for women to discover the depths of who they truly are and supports them in creating lives that light them up every day.

Talks I've Given