Drewe Broughton

I started my career at Norwich City in 1996 and, over the next 17 years, played in over 500 games, nearly 100 goals across the Championship, League One and League Two. I developed a reputation as a strong centre-forward wherever I played, while the fans of the clubs I represented loved me for the grit, determination and never say die attitude I displayed on the pitch.

The Movement & High performance specialist.

Once I was nearing the end of my playing career I began a thorough educational program, mentored by John Hardy and Gary Gray, amongst others. This involved learning about human movement and how to help athletes perform at the highest level, as well as how best to prevent injury. In 2012 I founded my first company, Surpass Fitness, where alongside educating fitness professionals I worked for top athletes competing in a range of sports, helping to assess and solve injury issues and mental barriers to performance.

I have worked with a considerable number of top Premier League footballers since I retired from the sport in 2012 — as well as tour golfers and tennis players — and in that time I have established myself as one of the best in the business of injury prevention and performance optimisation.

However, I discovered that I was having an even greater impact on players when I worked with them, not only on their fitness, but also away from the pitch. Working emotionally to help them understand themselves. I helped them to manage many of the emotions, issues and concerns that can affect performance. Things that had ruined my career and consistency. It was at this point that I realised what I was born to do.

I regularly speak at events all over the country, specialising in ‘what it takes’ talent nurturing, leadership and mental health. I have been described as a thought leader for my insights into recognising and empowering leaders. Nurturing talent and demonstrating what it takes to be at your very best are my core strengths as a high performance specialist.

I am passionate about enabling you to maximise your performance within your sport, workplace and life, while also improving your mental well-being. After attending one of my talks or having a 1:1 consultation, you will leave a lot clearer and with tangible methods for how you can achieve your visions.

The author.

After being inspired by the clients I was working with on a day to day basis and watching them transform themselves in their chosen arenas, it was clear that my next step should be to write a book. Within the book, titled ‘And Then What?’, I address the many issues and challenges I faced as a professional footballer, revealing everything I experienced as a player, both positive and negative, and how after a period of deep depression and loss post-playing I became hugely enlightened as to why I couldn’t find the consistency I always strived for.

Why work with me?

If you have that sense of knowing deep inside that you’re capable of so much more, I will provide you with the tools and understanding necessary to help you achieve your dreams and unlock your ultimate potential.

Looking at every aspect of a top athlete’s performance – including personal relationships, dealing with the fears and expectations of others and ultimately how to become the person they know they are capable of – I can offer the insight to develop the resilience and emotional fortitude that underpins success. I make it my business to be there when you need me — wherever you are or whatever the hour.

If you’re a business leader, I will empower you to control from the front by improving your emotional intelligence, helping you to get the most from yourself and the team you manage. In addition to optimising workplace performance, I will also demonstrate how to deal with the stresses and strains of getting your work/life balance right.

Want to find out more about how I can help you to conquer your doubts and reach your full potential? Get in touch with me today to arrange a consultation.

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