Leigh Chase

Leigh is a Computer Scientist and Technical Leader within the Emerging Technology group of IBM Research. Based at the Hursley laboratories (UK) his specialisms are information security, artificial intelligence / machine learning and scientific computing. Much of Leigh's current work relates to experimental computer science; specifically the design and creation cognitive agents that bolster existing network defence technologies, working alongside human analysts to improve visibility and understanding of complex systems.

He is currently actively engaged in the development of knowledge representation and machine reasoning techniques within the context of behavioural model-building for computer networks. Leigh is also a focal point for IBM's work on quantum computing and is leading the use of universal fault-tolerant quantum machines in the field of complex analytics and modelling. More recently Leigh has focused on the use of serverless computing including its role in decision-making and consensus building, resource pooling within distributed systems and self-healing networks. More broadly Leigh is a especially interested in Cellular Automata, non von Neumann computing, computational linguistics and digital forensics.

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