Louis Dorard

Next speaking on 21st November 2017 in London, at Fast Track to Machine Learning with Louis Dorard

I'm a partner at Codole, a consultancy that specializes in innovation management, data science, and web apps.

In the past few years, I have bootstrapped new technologies in three innovative web applications. I served as Chief Science Officer and then Product Manager at Concept Immo Global, where I was in charge of starting a Research & Development program and turning it into a product. I also co-founded eAuteur, the first fully automated copyright protection service (based on trusted digital time-stamping).

I'm the author of Bootstrapping Machine Learning, the first guide to Predictive APIs, and a co-founder of PAPIs.io, the world's first conference on Predictive APIs and Predictive Apps. My goal is to help people use new machine learning technologies to make their apps and businesses smarter. I do this by writing, speaking and teaching.

In the academic world, I organized the "Exploration vs Exploitation" challenge and the associated workshop on website optimization at the International Conference on Machine Learning in 2011. I did a PhD in Machine Learning at University College London under the supervision of Prof. John Shawe-Taylor.

I'm teaching at...