Louise Ladbrooke

I'm a recovering perfectionist, I loved my job and was brilliant at it, life was good then I got a promotion that I hated. I was taken away from my team and shut away to do maths all day... I hate maths... At work I struggled to meet my own impossibly high standards whilst at home I was striving to be the perfect wife and mum. My unhappiness provided the inspiration for me to start my own business.

Of course the business was the success that I always dreamt it would be, I was a driven woman with a goal. Business growth and national awards followed, regular press coverage and invitations for Directorships and committees flooded in - it seemed that everyone wanted a slice of my success. What I hadn't imagined was life on the other side of that success, how come I felt like an imposter and my dream job and perfect life were giving me an ulcer?

Feeling tired and nauseous all the time, friends had been left behind and I was fast missing my children's childhood. I couldn't remember the last time I had felt like me on a good day, things had to change. And so began my own quest for personal resilience.

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