Peter Soer

Peter spent 28 years delivering growth, leading marketing powered businesses around the world, the last 10 in senior leadership roles in Unilever & Kellogg’s. He ran national, regional & global businesses, creating strategy, building diverse teams, driving change programmes and delivering performance. He lived and worked in UK, China, Netherlands and Ireland and travelled extensively – 32 countries at last count. He worked across the spectrum of more entrepreneurial unstructured environments and larger matrixed organisations. He has worked with many Agency partners – Strategy, Media, Creative, across networks and continents. So he has a real sense of the challenges, opportunities and dynamics facing business leaders today. He believes that inclusive diverse leadership teams create better culture and deliver better results. Enabling women to succeed in male majority sectors to is key to fuelling a flourishing leadership talent pool and thus better leadership.

Peter is the founder of Bravely Honestly Generously. We provide Coaching & Mentoring for people who believe they can be more, but worry that they are ‘going to be found out’, and people in the Marketing and Communications world. Sometimes the same!

Tailored behavioural change coaching and mentoring, creating a safe and powerful space for people to have the conversations they don’t have elsewhere. Conversations that will give them strength, confidence and concrete plans to enjoy and increase their success in the next and even better phase of their life.

Our name is the heart of our coaching:

Bravely: Enable the dialogues that otherwise do not happen, help people to face their fears, and find the confidence to enjoy their success.

Honestly: Illuminate the truth with people and organisations. Use it as a foundation. Uncovering new perspective creates possibility and practical do-able behaviour-change plans.

Generously: Listen. Empathise. Be there when you are needed not only when you are asked.


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