Robert Sams

CEO & Founder, Clearmatics. Prior to founding Clearmatics, Robert was a hedge fund manager and macro specialist focused on central bank policy with over 11-years experience running a quantitative interest rate derivatives trading strategy.

Robert's interest in financial cryptography dates back to his student days, when he first learned of David Chaum's work, and has been thinking about how to apply cryptography to digital cash and alternative forms of money and finance ever since.

An early critic of aspects of the Bitcoin protocol, he is an inventor of cryptocurrency stabilisation schemes, and was an early contributor to the Ethereum project.

Some of his work on applying blockchain technology to financial markets has been published in journals such as Risk and the Journal of Financial Transformation and is frequently invited to speak at conferences and before central banks and policy bodies such as the CFTC, the BIS and the FSB.

Robert is an avid programmer, fan of functional programming languages, and promoter and author of open source code.

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