Snow Zhao

Next speaking on 26th October 2017 in London, at droidcon London 2017

Snow fell in love with Android when G1 phone came onto the market and started developing Android right after her first two Java courses at University of Washington. She is part of the super star team at Groupon Silicon Valley where not only are they able to deliver a solid e-commerce app for billions of consumers around the world which has been ranked as the best Android apps for consecutive 5 years, but also technical innovations are created everyday. And she has been nominated as Mobile Rock Star multiple times. At the same time of delivering high quality features that generate billions of dollars of revenue, Snow also got to work on a stand alone home service app, and a series of internal, external libraries, major refactoring, and is always eager to share her knowledge. She is actively involved the Silicon Valley GDG, Women Who Code, Girls Who Code, and speaks both internally and externally on Android development.

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