Tom Coupland

Tom Coupland is a developer at MixRadio Bristol. Having spent years working with transaction processing monoliths, producing one of his own in the process, he’s now enjoying the world of SOA and the freedoms it can bring. After subjective eons working with Java, he set out to find more productive and elegant tools.

Currently he can be found basking in the joy that is Clojure during the day, while keeping an eye out for other suitors in the evening. When not trying to make his bit of the world of software a better place, he can be found out in the real one, running around, preferably in the mud, wind and rain.

Talks I've Given

  • Super Charging Cyanite

    Featuring Tom Coupland

    Join me for a rapid journey through making metrics move rapidly. The medium in question for these metrics being Cyanite, an open source Clojure project that replaces Graphites default storage engine, Carbon, with a combination of Cassandra and ElasticSearch. We’ll look at the overall data flow,...