Martin Schimak

For over a decade Martin has been working in complex domains like energy trading, telecommunication or wind tunnel organization. As a coder, he has had a soft spot for readable and testable APIs and enjoys working with sophisticated but lean state machines and process engines. As a domain coder, he is into Domain-Driven Design and integrates methods which shift his focus from technology to the user value of what he does. Martin is a contributor to several projects on GitHub and speaks at meetups and conferences like ExploreDDD, O'Reilly and KanDDDinsky.

He blog's at plexiti.com and publishes in magazines like InfoQ and OBJEKTspektrum, a well-read german periodical for which he is an editorial member. In his hometown Vienna he organises meetups around Microservices and DDD.

You can also follow his Twitter @martinschimak

Talks I've Given

Into and onto de|coding domain language.

At the age of ten Martin fell in love with coding. Later he left his love and studied business and law. Only to find out: that’s awesome for programming business software! In the 15 years since then he talked to energy traders, telecom people, wind tunnel experts and many others. Those conversations formed a hands-on domain de|coder with a passion for DDD and a soft spot for modeling services as little state machines around business capabilities. Martin is also a trainer with experience in 50+ companies and 10+ countries. He regularly speaks at meetups and conferences across Europe - and from time to time in the US.

My Work

Software Developer and Trainer at plexiti GmbH



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