Grant Kemp

Grant is a Mobile and Omni-Channel Manager at Session Digital / Inviqa. Grant has worked for a multitude of app and web development agencies where he has created projects for some of the leading brands in Europe, including Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Peugeot and Nintendo. He also runs one of the largest hackathon communities in Europe as well as a popular blog on retail innovation, connectedwindow.com.

A Digital and Mobile Innovation technologist with major UK Brand experience.

I am a creative technologist and data geek who is passionate about innovation and technology and enjoys using it creatively. I am typically the bridge between technical and business that helps create a culture of innovation; solve business problems; make companies more money and become more data centric through their use of tech.

In my spare time I blog about retail innovation on connectedwindow.com as well as run one of the largest hackathon groups in Europe, UK Hackathons and Jams.

I love building IOS apps and introducing new and innovative technologies into the UK market.

Specialties: Innovation, IOS Development, Android Development, Google Analytics, Ecommerce, Magento, blogging, Project management, process digitization and automation.

My Work

Omnichannel and Data Manager at Session Digital at Inviqa