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Next sponsored event on 18th February 2019 in London: Prospects for a Solid-State Quantum Computer

Skills Matter Ltd

At Skills Matter, we believe in the power of community. That's why, in 2003, we made it our mission to bring the smart and creative people to build a community that can drive forward innovation in software engineering.

12 years on and 60,000 members strong, we're now Europe's largest community of software developers, regularly coming together to discover new technologies, learn and share skills and evolve practices and ideas.

As a community-led organisation, all Skills Matter content and events are created by, and for, our members. We host more than 2000 events every year and publish tonnes of skillscast resources online. And because we know that the best communities are open and inclusive, becoming a member is free.

In 2015 we opened CodeNode, the UK's largest venue dedicated to technology events and a new home for our passionate community to collaborate, work, hack and play.


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