Quest of a hero

25th April 2017 in London at CodeNode

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A quest of the hero that everyone has inside, having a parallelism with an animated story (dragon ball), I give a trip around my experience from the beginning to nowadays in Android, how this started, how did go, what did help, and what I would expect to be at a next future. In addition to this, I would introduce a short use case for building a MVP (minimum viable product) related with a past experience, talking about machine learning (face recognition) on Android devices with Augmented reality (AR). This would explain how to plan those kind of tasks, the process to follow and future work for those specific projects.


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Quest of a hero

Raul Hernandez

I am a passionate software engineer currently focused on Android, I have lived, studied and worked in different countries, therefore I enjoy pretty much knowing other cultures and ways of working, as can be seen at my blog.