Refactoring the Code For Life Websites and Games with the Users in Mind - Intermediate

12th July 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Code For Life was started in 2014 by a group of volunteers within Ocado Technology. Dedicated to create free, open source games to teach children how to program, it's an inspiring and forward thinking project that is now helping more than 80 000 users worldwide.

However, the website was entirely created by developers and a few years later, the need to improve both the look and feel and the usability of the main website arose.

James Holland, UX expert at Ocado, has been working on redesigning Code For Life. Florian Aucomte, software intern, has reworked most of the Front End of the project to make it happen with the help of Ruth Wall, Front end team lead at Ocado. They will talk about the teamwork and challenges behind refactoring the website, using UX research, github, Django/Python, JavaScript, Sass... But it's not finished: they will still be listening to users and more improvements are to be made.


Refactoring the Code For Life Websites and Games with the Users in Mind - Intermediate

Florian Aucomte

Florian Aucomte is a one-year Technology Intern at Ocado Technology.

James Holland

James Holland currently works as the UX/UI Designer at Code for Life, part of Ocado Technology, redesigning the Code for Life web portal and the UI of games that are currently in development. He has previously headed up website design and development at Ashridge Executive Education, now part of Hult Business School.