A Developers View Through the UX Lens

12th July 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Being a friend of a UX Designer for many years, and working with that friend on multiple projects, in addition to multiple courses and articles, Jad has come to learn the magic toolbox that developer needs to survive a day in the life of a designer, if he ever needs it.

First off, during this talk, you will learn the most important UX concepts you as a developer should be familiar with, and how to apply them in order to impress both their client and themselves.

Secondly, you will discover the tools you need to know, and specifically what subtools you can limit yourself to be able to manage your assets and your designs successfully.


A Developers View Through the UX Lens

Jad Salhani

Jad is a Full Stack Developer at Saradar Bank SAL in Lebanon, as well as a coach at the Microsoft Student Partner Program. He has built many applications using Ionic framework, Swift and Android, as well as their backend systems using PHP and Laravel.