JavaScript All The Things - Beginner

12th July 2017 in London at CodeNode

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JavaScript is omnipresent, it's running everything from small mobile phones to large servers in the cloud. But there's one place where JS is abundantly absent: the Internet of Things. Some small experiments are done in the hobbyist space by frameworks like Johnny-Five and JS runtimes like Espruino, but C is still the undisputed king for devices that are power- and battery-constraint. But why?! The same reasons why we love JavaScript on the web and on servers apply to smaller devices too: JS is safe, dynamic, fast to develop against, and it's asynchronous nature would be great for small network connected devices that mostly just respond to user input.

In this talk Jan Jongboom, Developer Evangelist IoT at ARM and JerryScript contributor, will go into the current state of JavaScript on embedded devices. He'll cover the developments among the industry, shows where JS is already applied, and what problems we'll need to solve to bring JavaScript to all the things.


JavaScript All The Things - Beginner

Jan Jongboom

Jan Jongboom is working as a Developer Evangelist IoT for ARM and he has been on a mission to bring JavaScript to embedded devices for many years. He is a former core contributor to Firefox OS, launched a fork of Firefox OS (JanOS) which targets IoT devices, is currently a contributor to the JerryScript JavaScript runtime, and maintains the mbed.js IoT runtime.