Keynote: Back to the Future: IoT Maker Revolution

12th July 2017 in London at CodeNode

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We are a generation defined by our hobbies. IoT is changing how makers are innovating and creating applications. Learn how makers, cosplay, LEGO, 3D printing, and video games can make you a better programmer, debug more efficiently and introduced you to new technologies. Embracing failure as a way of learning and improving. Makers are the original inventors, creators and thinkers of technology that exist today and are creating an impact for the future of IoT.


Keynote: Back to the Future: IoT Maker Revolution

Amie Dansby

Amie D Dansby is a software game programmer, previously at Marvel Studios, working on Captain America, Thor, X-Men Destiny, Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet and Marvel vs CapCom 3. She transitioned to Research and Development working with the PlayStation and Xbox. Currently a full stack unicorn and robot overlord at a robotics, augmented reality video game studio in Dallas, TX, ATAT Tech. She educates through 3D Printing, game development, computer science, LEGO Mindstorms robotics, wearable tech and cosplay. Encouraging others to experiment and learn through trying, making mistakes, and trying again. “Embrace Failure” is a philosophy she’s adopted, there’s no such thing as failure – only learning experiences.