Getting to know GraphQL!

13th June 2017 in London at CodeNode

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In a world where APIs and REST are the way that we can communicate with services, it can become an arduous task to get to the information you need.

For example if you look at a single tweet, obtained from Twitter’s API, you will so a stack of information that you don’t need! If only there was a way to query this data to get just what you need. Enter Facebook’s GraphQL language. A language specification that solves the same problem that SQL did for Relational Databases.

In this presentation, Mark Drew will go through the fundamentals of the Query Language, structure, use cases and how we can get started with consuming and creating GraphQL endpoints.


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Getting to know GraphQL!

Mark Drew

Mark has been developing applications on the web since the mid 90's, Staring with VRML and Perl and then moving onto CFML, Java and JavaScript.