Write Less Code and Get More Done: Multiplying Your Impact Through Mentoring

26th October 2017 in London at Business Design Centre

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Mentoring and onboarding new engineers is one of the most important things you can do to grow your team. Effective and intentional mentoring decreases the number of bugs shipped to the Play Store, improves the quality of your application, and helps keep code standards high as your team grows and changes. Yet for all of its importance, there is hardly any information about how to mentor effectively. There are many resources about how engineers can get 4% productivity gains by learning new Android Studio shortcuts, but there are almost none about how they can get 400% productivity gains for their team by helping other developers be more productive. In this talk, Jonathan will share how to think about mentoring Android engineers from the ground-up. First, he'll discuss how to structure a plan for your mentee such that they move from “What’s an ADB?” to “Let’s use Retrofit, RxJava, and Dagger to make a testable app with MVP architecture” in no-time flat. Next, Jonathan will share how to interact with your mentee such that every challenge helps them level-up their development skills and build your team culture. Lastly, Jonathan will explore how you can use your experience as a mentor to improve your own engineering skills.

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Write Less Code and Get More Done: Multiplying Your Impact Through Mentoring

Jonathan Maltz

Jonathan is a full-stack engineer working on delivering people the tastiest food around as part of Yelp Eat24. Previously, he worked on the Yelp Android consumer app where he did his best to slip cute dinosaurs into every crevice where they didn't already exist. When he's not doing his best to write well tested, modular code, you can find him cutting up a rug at a local swing dance.