Current & Near Term Applicability

27th July 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Are you interested in separating the facts from the hype, with regards to how relevant & present , Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are for use in Enterprise Applications?

Priti Padhy, will be sharing his thoughts on how he sees Enterprises already benefiting from Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning. He will also be sharing his thoughts on where he sees the true potential lies for AI & Machine Learning in the near term future.

Note: All opinions expressed by the speakers will be their own and shall not represent those of the organizations they are affiliated with.


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Current & Near Term Applicability

Priti Padhy

Priti Padhy, CTO, KPMG : is a global strategic technology leader with more than 24 years of experience in steering organisations in the exploitation of technology to add value to their business. He has incubated high-value complex and disruptive technology change, from IT strategy development through major technology transformation and effective program and solution delivery. He is adept at entrepreneurial methods, spanning global environments with a history of leading and motivating multi-cultural, multidisciplinary teams.