Lightning Talk: Easy onboarding with less permissions

26th October 2017 in London at Business Design Centre

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Prior to Android 6.0, apps frequently requested sensitive permissions (such as accounts, contacts and text messages) at install time in order to provide a smooth sign-in and sign-up experience. Whilst this approach has usability benefits, it has privacy implications (the reason many apps avoided it in the first place), and in addition, developers are finding it much less effective on newer versions on Android in which permissions must be individually requested at run-time.

Fortunately, there’s a way around these problems that both maintains ease-of-use and respects privacy: by using the authentication-related APIs of Google Play Services, most authentication flows can be implemented without requesting any permissions at all.

In this talk Michael will share with you the UX and technical aspects of these changes, and how you can best take advantage of the features provided by Android and Google Play Services to improve the sign-in and sign-up flows for your users.

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Lightning Talk: Easy onboarding with less permissions

Michael Stillwell

Developer Advocate whoI help companies work with Google technologies and APIs, as well as helping make Google work better with these companies.