three-rs: High-level 3D in Rust

20th September 2017 in London at CodeNode

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There is a lot of momentum in the Rust game development ecosystem. Projects such as ggez are pathing the way toward high-level abstractions for 2D graphics, but there is a large gap to be filled in the 3D scene.

three-rs is a crate inspired by the popular JavaScript library three.js that allows people to begin 3D game development in Rust quickly and easily.

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three-rs: High-level 3D in Rust

David Harvey-Macaulay

David is a recent Mathematics and Computer Science graduate from the University of Surrey. He writes Rust as a hobby and is aspires to be an independent game developer. He is currently the author of gltf-rs, a loader for the glTF file format, and a member of the three-rs team.