Hacking Android, a Hacker's narrative.

26th October 2017 in London at Business Design Centre

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Those trendy, flashy and allusive Android devices in your pockets have allowed you to solve numerous problems but at the same time, introduced an indefinite amount of security related threats. Currently there is a large number of Android users who find themselves in an exciting yet hostile environment that without mobile devices, life would become tougher in many aspects.

This Android environment that you find yourself in is not new so why are you still worrying about mobile security? Hackers are constantly using multiple tools, techniques and targets to achieve their goals. Perhaps a hacker narrative describing how Android targets are exploited and defended may provide some insight into where you currently are, how you got here and where you are going so that you can worry less and Android more.


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Hacking Android, a Hacker's narrative.

Chris Le Roy

Chris Le Roy is a Senior Analyst and Team Leader at SensePost in London. A regular BlackHat trainer, he’s got both a building (CompSci and many a year working as a software engineer) and tearing apart all things Internet and cyber perspective. The fruits of both sides have been enjoyed at multiple BlackHat Arsenal sessions in Las Vegas, Europe and BSides Cape Town. He’s recently co-developed and presented one of the first SecDevOps courses at the prestigious BlackHat USA.