Best Practices for Building Kick-Ass Images

13th November 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Want to learn how to improve security with non-root containers? Interested in bending entrypoints to your will? Don't miss this talk by Bitnami's Adnan Abdulhussein!

In this talk, Adnan Abdulhussein will walk you through Bitnami's journey in maintaining our first handful of container images to the ~70 images of popular open-source apps we have available today. You will learn how to bend entrypoints to your will, improve security with non-root containers, reduce image sizes with multi-stage builds and optimised base images, and more!


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Best Practices for Building Kick-Ass Images

Adnan Abdulhussein

Adnan is a software engineer at Bitnami and a core member of the Helm team, where he helps to maintain the official Kubernetes Charts project.