Picking up the pieces - overcoming device fragmentation

25th October 2012 in London at Business Design Centre

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SoundCloud is the leading audio sharing platform on the web today, of course available as an Android app. In this talk, Jan & Jon will focus on the challenges of building a strong, reliable, audio recording and audio streaming app.


Picking up the pieces - overcoming device fragmentation

Jan Berkel

Jan is based in Berlin where he has been working on the audio platform SoundCloud for the past three years, originally starting as a back-end developer. However his side interest in Android has led to a few open-source projects and eventually the inv

Jon Schmidt

Three years ago he moved to Android and soon launched the initial iteration of the SoundCloud Android application at the end of 2010. Since moving to Berlin he has been working fulltime on evolving the core user experience of the SoundCloud app.