It's HOLO Time!

24th October 2013 in London at Business Design Centre

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Find out from this video at Droidcon London how HOLO became the main design language of Android – and how it can transform your approach to creating apps!

Despite Android becoming a major platform for mobile phones, no guidelines existed for designing homogeneous user experience across the entire platform – leading to companies re-using designs meant from other platforms, which lacked any Android-specific features. Fortunately, Google created HOLO, which quickly went mainstream as companies realised a proper Android design approach was essential.

Stephan Brunner covers the emergence of HOLO, the impact it had on the design philosophy of Runtastic, and how it improved Runtastic’s apps, as well as demonstrating how Runtastic’s designers create clean and easy mock-ups that inspire the rest of the team. Finally, you’ll learn how HOLO influenced Runtastic app design on other platforms – a valuable piece of information if you’re looking to expand!

If you want to learn how to create top-quality, easy-to-use apps by putting skeuomorphism on the shelf and using clean design elements, this is the ideal presentation for you!


It's HOLO Time!

Stephan Brunner

Stephan Brunner is the Head of Android Development for Runtastic.