24th October 2013 in London at Business Design Centre

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Nicoll Hunt’s indie game project for Android, iOS & console FIST OF AWESOME smashed through its Kickstarter funding targets in just 14 days, after a flurry of word of mouth and media attention – find out more in this video from Droidcon London!

He’ll demo his progress, talk about what it’s like to run a Kickstarter project, the challenges of developing a game simultaneously on Android and iOS, his involvement in the new OUYA Android-based TV console and why he went full circle from working for big companies back to bedroom coding.

If you’re thinking of going solo, starting a Kickstarter project, or just want to be a success in indie gaming, you should watch this video!


Nicoll Hunt

Nicoll Hunt has worked on everything from 2 man teams to 250 man teams, from games with zero budget to titles that cost over $110,000,000 (and destroyed a company in the process).