Beef Up Your Android Apps Using Java Tools

24th October 2013 in London at Business Design Centre

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In this Droidcon London talk by OCTO Technology, you’ll find out how to increase the quality of your Android apps by taking advantage of the maturity of the Java ecosystem.

You’ll be given an overview of the different technologies that can be used to bring Android to the standard of Java, combining well-known tools like Jenkins, Maven and Sonar with Lint, Robolectric or UIAutomator. If you want to make your app better all round, don’t miss this talk by two of OCTO Technology's experts!


Beef Up Your Android Apps Using Java Tools

Stéphane Nicolas

Stéphane Nicolas specialises in the development of Android applications for smartphones and tablets, and is currently working at OCTO Technology.

Jérôme Van Der Linden

Jérôme Van Der Linden is a software desinger with a passion for Android.