ProGuard and DexGuard for Optimisation and Protection

24th October 2013 in London at Business Design Centre

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Watch Eric Lafortune present some typical results of using ProGuard and DexGuard and how they improve your applications, with a particular focus on the protection of Android applications. Find out where your weak spots are, how to use DexGuard to fix them, and make sure that you stay ahead of the hackers in this Droidcon London talk!prove your Android applications in his Droidcon London talk!


ProGuard and DexGuard for Optimisation and Protection

Eric Lafortune

Eric is the creator of the open-source optimizer and obfuscator ProGuard, and its commercial extension DexGuard. Eric is obsessed with making applications more compact, more efficient, and better protected against attacks. He is the founder and CTO of GuardSquare, where they put this obsession to good use.