Why Cross-Platform Multiplayer Social Gaming Is Now Possible

24th October 2013 in London at Business Design Centre

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Watch this Droidcon London video to discover why it's essential to develop cross platform games!

Games are becoming more and more social and focused on multiplayers; gamers now want a device that they can use to play with the community, not just alone. In this Droidcon London talk, three experts from Nuggeta show you why this means you need to develop cross-platform games!

Watch a social cross platform multiplayer game demonstrated and discover what’s been developed at Nuggeta. You’ll learn how to empower your Android game by using a game data definition langage, so you can get the best from the cross platform game framework without having to redefine your legacy data format protocol. You’ll also find about the launch of their powerful new plugin that empowers the Google Game Services API.

This is an animated session with 3 speakers who are all experts in the gaming industry and development – click play now!


Why Cross-Platform Multiplayer Social Gaming Is Now Possible

Luciano Broussal

Luciano Broussal is the Director and Founder of Nuggeta, a game development toolkit that provides support for integrating achievements, leader boards, and other social features into games on all platforms. With 15 years of experience, he’s the ideal

Dryce Abadlia

Dryce Abadlia is an R&D engineer at Nuggeta, specialising in user interfaces and ergonomy.