Authentication for Droids

24th October 2013 in London at Business Design Centre

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Tim Messerschmidt sheds light on different techniques that help authenticate users in your service via methods such as Basic Authentication and more advanced technologies like OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, as well as discussing best practices and(dis-)advantages.

Choosing the right identity provider (like Facebook, Twitter, PayPal or Google Plus) can be difficult and there are different scenarios where it makes more or less sense to implement them.

After watching this video, you will have a broad overview of this topic and should be able to provide your users with a nice experience.


Authentication for Droids

Tim Messerschmidt

As a long time mobile and web developer, Tim channels his knowledge and experience as Braintree's Head of Developer Relations. He is passionate about startups and serves as a mentor at multiple incubators and accelerators. Prior to joining PayPal, Tim worked with Neofonie Mobile and Samsung focusing on several mobile projects. In his spare time, he leads and creates training classes in all sorts of developer-oriented topics, contributes to Open Source projects and is one of the authors of the Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy. In addition, he authored numerous articles published in print magazines.