If Spock had an Android Phone: Android and the Web of Things

24th October 2013 in London at Business Design Centre

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In this video of Dominique Guinard's session at Droidcon London, you'll find out how much of a fantastic Web of Things platform Android truly is!

In the vision of the Web of Things, embedded devices become first-class citizens of the Web - but what if everyday objects could become part of this gigantic network? What if your watch, guitar, bike or bottle of organic iced-tea could all have an active digital identity on the Web? With the advent of tagging technologies such as NFC, EPC or QR-codes, this is becoming a reality with a lot of potential for simple but great innovations.

In this talk, Dominique Guinard looks at these three tagging technologies comparing and contrasting them in order to understand their respective use-case based on our experience deploying such solutions in the real-world.

Then, put on your Android hat and look at how much of a fantastic Web of Things platform Android truly is! Watch Dominique implement a mobile application that can read both NFC and QR tags on products in order to bootstrap the access to their virtual profiles.

Looking at event “better” connected things, he also introduces the Microbridge Android library, Google’s ADK (Accessory Development Kit) standard and the Processing IDE for Arduino and show how this combination lets your phone talk with any real-world device (did someone say toaster?), as well as a glimpse into the future and a look at Bluetooth Low Energy support on mobile phones.

Finally, he shows how mobile phones can be used as physical gateways to cloud services such as the EVRYTHNG API, where Droids, bottles, toasters and Large Hadron Colliders can meet to talk Web of Things!”


If Spock had an Android Phone: Android and the Web of Things

Dominique Guinard

I'm a technologist, entrepreneur, R&D engineer and software developer with 10 years of hands-on experience in building Internet of Things both in the cloud and on embedded Things. I am also a pioneer in Web of Things research and wrote my PhD on the initial Web of Things Architecture. I co-authored a number of technical books such as "Building the Web of Things" (Manning, 2015) as well technical standards such as the first official W3C Web of Things Submission.