Android Key Management

30th October 2014 in London at Business Design Centre

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The talk will cover several aspects related to security issues concerning the "Key Management" for Android apps.

In the first part of the talk, various scenarios will be analyzed where it is necessary to protect the data used by an application, followed by a theoretical introduction on the possible techniques available for protecting data using symmetric and asymmetric key cryptosystems.

The talk will continue with the description and the implementation of some key management techniques used for storing securely encryption keys for symmetric algorithms, taking into account any interaction with the end user.

In the final part of the talk will be analyzed the tools provided by Android for the management of private keys and their certificates used in asymmetric algorithms, such as the KeyChain and the new "Android Key Store" , which is available from version 4.3.


Android Key Management

Roberto Gassirà

Senior security analyst and Android mobile developer, he is specialized in Information Security with in depth focus on the Mobile World.

Roberto Piccirillo

Roberto Piccirillo is currently working as a Senior Security Researcher for Mobile Security Lab.