Rx-Fy all the things!

30th October 2014 in London at Business Design Centre

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This talk will take the practical approach of a complex API to explain how RxJava and Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) can be used on every project to make your life easier.

Ever had to deal with terribly designed API or spent hours re-factoring your code to deal with an updated API? You've heard about RxJava but can't see how it could benefit your project?

Rx-Fy all the things!

Benjamin Augustin

Benjamin is a Software Craftsman and Android developer at Novoda. Ben might have started thinking functionally when, as a kid, he got hit on his head by a ladder while doing maths homework. Suddenly, he could see functions everywhere, and now he's sharing his visions with the world. Or maybe this is just one of those crazy made up back stories, who knows? One thing is sure, he is convinced that functional programming has a lot to teach us on our everyday work.