Fighting application size with ProGuard and beyond

30th October 2014 in London at Business Design Centre

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Apps are getting larger, pushed by ever increasing user expectations. Social media, maps, advertisements,... As a developer, you may add a few libraries, and before you know it, your app is exceeding the constraints of the Android platform. Eric will discuss the main problems and some solutions.

ProGuard, the bytecode optimizer and obfuscator in the Android SDK, is an obvious first step. He will show some optimized configurations that can help you to reduce the size of common libraries. If ProGuard isn't sufficient, you may have to resort to more drastic techniques, such as dynamic class loading. He'll discuss some techniques and their implications. I'll also introduce the new dex splitting feature of our software DexGuard.


Fighting application size with ProGuard and beyond

Eric Lafortune

Eric is the creator of the open-source optimizer and obfuscator ProGuard, and its commercial extension DexGuard. Eric is obsessed with making applications more compact, more efficient, and better protected against attacks. He is the founder and CTO of GuardSquare, where they put this obsession to good use.