Reactor and Reactive Streams to power your MicroService Architecture

27th November 2014 in London at Skills Matter

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Microservice Architecture is now becoming the standard for a large range of companies. Amid the problems to solve when building micro-services, developers need to think asynchronously. Reactor offers a progressive and non opinionated concurrency handling to any JVM application — and beyond. Not only is it a handy lightweight toolkit, it is also part of the Reactive-Streams specification and as such is interoperable with friends such as RxJava or Akka. Come discover some tips and tricks when building micro-services on top of Reactor, understand how it builds on top of Reactive-Streams specification and why this is a game changer in today's software development.


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Reactor and Reactive Streams to power your MicroService Architecture

Stéphane Maldini

Working at Pivotal, Stephane is Software Architect with extensive experience aligning various OSS technologies. Multi-tasker eating tech 24/7, Stephane is interested in cloud computing, data science and messaging. He is on a mission to help organisations transform their applications into consumer-grade software. He co-founded the Reactor Project to help developers create reactive, low-latency fast data architectures on the JVM and beyond.