Staying alive, online and offline

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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Ever been bothered by apps that fail to work when the network suddenly drops? Do you get frustrated by games that require a constant Internet connection even though all they seem to do is ping a server? Can your app handle network handover gracefully? You will discover how to make your app more resilient to varied network conditions and what options you have to maintain a good user experience when the device is not online. This talk will explore various stuff like best practice for integrating web services, persistence alternatives and how to actually be sure that you have a fully working network connection.


Staying alive, online and offline

Erik Hellman

Erik is the author of "Android Programming: Pushing the limits" and a long time DroidCon speaker. He has worked on the inner details of the Android platform at Sony Mobile, hacked on the Android client for Spotify and is currently as a freelancing Android developer in Stockholm, Sweden. Erik has also been teaching software development, including Android programming, for both new and senior developers.