Designing apps that everyone can use on an Android TV

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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Good design is hard. Over the last few years (since Holo), Android users have been spoiled by a sea of apps with "good-enough" design. It's easy to do. It's paint-by-numbers. It's following design guidelines. But it's not good enough! You will discover about design and implementation faux-pas that are considered acceptable, why they're not really good enough,and learn how easily they can be fixed. You will recognise the difference between the concept of accessible and the concept of usable, and note how anyone can develop an accessible app, but why usable apps might be more difficult to make. You'll come away with a set of (actionable!) design and development processes that will guide you in making apps that everyone can use on an Android TV.


Designing apps that everyone can use on an Android TV

Ataul Munim

Ataul is an Android software craftsman at Novoda London. He likes dry-erase boards, complaining about OSX Finder and chain-watching old TV shows.