Permissions: Changes that benefit users and devs!

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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Come to learn about Android permissions! What is new with runtime permissions in M? With are all the new changes, and what do you need to do to update? You will start with an introduction to permission groups, what permissions /data/app, /system/app, and /system/priv-app apps get for free, and what dangerous and normal protection levels are. Then, learn about the basics of asking for permissions at runtime. When should you check for granted permissions? How do you ask for permissions? What are the cases you might miss? What happens when a user changes his mind about a granted permission? Eric will also explore briefly what the new model means for backwards compatibility in apps. Now, how do you get your existing app up to speed before M releases? You will discover good ideas and practices for making the leap as well as recommended UX changes to handle the multitude of cases that will come up in your permission request interactions. At IFTTT, the flagship IF automation app is a permission-hungry beast (in a good way)! At IFTTT they love permissions as a way to gain so much Android functionality, but not all users want to use all of that functionality in their apps. The new permissions model is opening up a great opportunity for IFTTT, as users do not have to agree to permissions for features they don't need up front. They are having a blast updating to the new permissions model. With no more scary lists of permissions, IFTTT may be a prime use case and are hoping to grow with even more users. Runtime permissions are going to be great for the IFTTT team; see how they can build trust with users for you, too!

Permissions: Changes that benefit users and devs!

Eric Cochran

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