React Native for Android

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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Right now, as a mobile developer you must choose between your own efficiency and providing the user with the best native experience. React Native aims to give you the power to develop these great experiences with web-like velocity. React, a powerful js framework that rethinks UI development, can now be used to write real mobile apps for Android and iOS. This talk will explore why React Native matters for Android developers.


React Native for Android

Olivia Bishop

Olivia has been at Facebook since 2011 having graduated from MIT. She worked on mobile web and was a key member of the Android Messenger team where she learned how to address the problems of scale and how to celebrate success by setting people on fire (please ask her for further explanation). She has now moved to London to manage the React Native Android team where she is attempting to empower developers with a better way to write mobile apps (and dodging fire alarms).