Physics UI

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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In this talk you will learn how physics allow you to create fully interactive, coherent UIs that are a joy to use and easy to maintain. Filipe and Will will start by explaining the underlying physics (aka Springs) that power modern animation libraries, how to tweak its (typical) parameters and examine alternatives. You will then discover different ways of implementing such libraries on Android, making the case for how decoupling animation state from Views can make your life easier. Along the way you will explore related topics such as prototyping tools, filling the developer-designer gap and how this all fits into material design.

Physics UI

Filipe Abrantes

Filipe has been developing for Android since before the G1, mostly music players but not only. He's now making Android nicer @ Twitter. Loves Games and things that move or look neat.

Will Bailey

Will is a Software Engineer at Facebook/Instagram who focuses on bringing delightful user experiences to Android. While leading the front end development efforts for Facebook Home, he developed a simple framework (Rebound) and philosophy for coordinating user interfaces with physics. He enjoys applying this approach in his day to day work and sharing his ideas with others through through open source.