Accessibility in Action: Technical Solutions to the Accessibility Challenge

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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Most developers agree that their apps should be “accessible,” but what does that even mean? Even if you’d like to have an accessible application, you find roadblocks along the way: lack of documentation, push-back from product priorities, no standards for mobile devices, and perhaps most importantly, not understanding what users really want. As Accessibility Lead for iTriage, Kelly has worked with advocacy groups such as the Blind Institute of Technology to uncover what makes an app truly accessible, and the actual developer time investment required. Spoiler alert: it’s easier than you might think! Join Kelly as she explores common pain points suffered by many technology users, how the Android platform is quickly gaining on iOS in accessibility features, and how you can make your app accessible to all. You will finish up with code samples of common pain points, including Material Design examples, and learn how easily they can be fixed.


Accessibility in Action: Technical Solutions to the Accessibility Challenge

Kelly Shuster

Kelly Shuster is an Android Developer at Ibotta in Denver. Prior to mobile development, she worked as an Embedded Firmware Engineer focused on disk drive read channel optimization. She holds a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering, and enjoys sharing technical knowledge wherever she goes, from local meetups to international conferences alike.