Open Devices Project – Open Source on Sony Devices

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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Sony’s Open Devices program allows you, whether you are a novice or advanced developer, to build and customize 2014+ devices with open source software using minimal pre-compiled binaries, while using as much open source code as possible. This kind of approach enables you to implement new customizations, security enhancements, and power or speed optimizations, since everything is built from open source code. With Open Devices, you can easily port any Custom (Android or Android Based) ROM to all supported devices, since all devices use the same 3.10 kernel tree and same prebuilt libraries. To recognize open source developers who are actively contributing, Sony has initiated the Hero Developer reward program. Want know more about it and Sony's Open Devices Project? Join Alin at this session and talk with Sony's developers!


Open Devices Project – Open Source on Sony Devices

Alin Jerpelea

Alin Jerpelea works for Sony as Community Manager in Developer Relations. His engineering background includes expertise in the Linux kernel and the lower layers of Android. He is responsible for the Open Devices Project as platform architect. Alin is active on XDA forums and has been part of the hacking community since 2006, where he has been creating customs ROMs and helping other open source developers.