Gradle Plugins: Take it to the next level

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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It's now a long time Gradle is the official build system for Android. And as a very good developer you already switched to it, and you customize it depending on your needs. Most of the time, the cleaner way to manage all these customizations is to build Gradle plugins. During this talk you will discover best practices about building your plugin to make it a good citizen, more efficient, and more famous!

Eyal will explain how to:

  • interact with the Android Gradle Plugin;
  • build Gradly DSLs;
  • use incremental builds;
  • test your plugin on a good way;
  • and many other things!

Gradle Plugins: Take it to the next level

Eyal Lezmy

Eyal is a software engineer at Genymobile, working on Genymotion – an Android emulator. He's been working with Android since 2009.