Give your users superpowers in the real world

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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People no longer need to sit at a desk to get the benefits of technology. You can now build experiences that work seamlessly between the virtual world and the real world. Superpowers that would not have been possible, too complex or prohibitively expensive are now possible.

Join this session for the latest update from Google on the platform components now available. The talk will also cover design philosophies and technical details on how best to take advantage of the strength of the various platforms and give your users superpowers in the real world.

Give your users superpowers in the real world

Hoi Lam

Hoi is a subject matter expert at Google for Wearables and Internet Of Things (IoT). He previously worked on Google Cast where he was part of the launch team for both the Google Cast SDK and Chromecast in Europe.