Land’s End: Creating the flagship mobile VR adventure

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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Over the last 18 months Ustwo Games took on the challenge of creating a VR experience that would be a worthy successor to the BAFTA award-winning Monument Valley. The result is Land’s End, the showcase game that Oculus and Samsung used to launch the new consumer version of the Gear VR.

VR is a totally new medium where existing design principles, genres and tropes must be left behind and new ones developed. This talk will describe why Ustwo Games is so excited about mobile VR and the lessons learnt pushing beyond the enthusiast origins of VR into making enjoyable VR experiences for everyone.


Land’s End: Creating the flagship mobile VR adventure

Peter Pashley

Peter has been Ustwo Games’ Technical Director for the last five years. Hailing from a background in console games he has fully embraced the challenge of making unique experiences for everyone on mobile devices, culminating in 2014’s Monument Valley.