Behind the scenes of ASOS.com's mobile apps

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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ASOS.com’s mobile apps are among the most used and best rated shopping apps, enjoyed by millions of happy users. Come to learn about our team, our daily process to move from design to production, the continuous integration and automation testing strategy that ensure we build robust applications. Find out what tools we use to monitor performances, modify network calls on the fly, track crashes.

You’ll explore a lot of topics, technologies and tools of the trade (Gradle flavours and remote config settings, Appium, NewRelic, Travis CI, HockeyApp, Charles Proxy and more), and Marco hopes that developers of any level will find out something interesting.


Behind the scenes of ASOS.com's mobile apps

Marco Belinaso

Marco happily works at ASOS.com as a Solutions Architect for the Mobile Team. He has been writing code for almost 20 years, developing all sorts of software, but for the past few years he mostly focused on iOS and Android apps.