Journey of an event, the Android touch

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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All modern mobile applications heavily, if not totally, rely on touch input from the user. This is why it is critical for a developer to deeply understand how the Android framework works under the hood in order to create an amazing User Experience.

During this talk Marco will explain the journey of a touch event through the view hierarchy and how to change its path, or consume it, based on our needs. He'll also present what the platform provides to help you with this task.


Journey of an event, the Android touch

Marco Cova

Extremely passionate android dev. He has worked with different companies all in the “Social” space until he joined Facebook. He was part of Creative Labs where he developed and released the Facebook app “Riff”. Since almost two years he's been working on the Native UI Frameworks team that recently release the Litho framework.