App 2.0 - why the Web lost and Apps won

22nd June 2016 in London at CodeNode

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In the heady days after the dotcom boom and bust, Web 2.0 arrived and created an exciting new delivery mechanism for software. Browser wars improved performance to a level where they could host fully functional applications, with easy of deployment and updating.At the same time smartphones had appeared and the first real applications were breaking cover, but they suffered from reliability, performance and discoverability issues.When Apple launched the iPhone, and the App Store it solved many of these concerns.

We now have easily discovered applications, streamlined deployment and high levels of usability.Is everything solved though? There are issues related to speed of updates, development costs, security, deep linking and whether the mobile platform owners are fighting back against the likes of Facebook.What is the future of apps? Who will win the platform battles? What will it mean to write an app for a light switch? Join us for this session and you will learn the outcome of Apps Vs. Web!


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App 2.0 - why the Web lost and Apps won

Liam Westley

An Application Architect at Huddle where he works with some of the best .Net developers and UX designers to deliver world class collaboration software.